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New Packaging Has Arrived


This fall you will notice an update to CGC product packaging. Rest assured, there have been no changes to the products or formulations that you have come to expect from your trusted CGC brand, only the packaging has changed. Our products still deliver the absolute highest level of quality, backed by our unparalleled service and support.

We have redesigned our product packaging to comply with the new Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 2015 mandate to standardize global hazardous material warnings. We saw this mandate as an opportunity to go beyond compliance and deliver packaging that’s simpler, clearer and reflects our bold new brand identity. But more importantly, we focused on what matters to our customers.

New packaging highlights include:

Clarity: A uniform layout and presentation of key information makes every package easier for customers to read and identify.

Consistency: Our new packaging is aligned within and across product lines, making it easy to identify CGC and products in retail, in warehouses and on job sites.

Confidence: Easy-to-understand safety information and instructions protects against mishaps.

Compliance: Our new packaging meets or exceeds government regulations regarding the WHMIS 2015 Standards.

In Eastern Canada, our ready-mixed products are moving from a weight (kg) to volume (L) measurement, which is a better indicator of coverage. Each pail and carton will contain the same amount of product as before, only the label has changed.

The new packaging will begin shipping this month, well in advance of the June 2017 deadline set by WHMIS. Together, we can transform this mandated change into an opportunity to create an improved experience with CGC products.

Thank you for your continued support.